Back in Control

I’ve been banned by Facebook for 3 days (this time) for sharing this video: (contains male nudity)

This excellent video is a sexual education video created for children in Norway who are learning about puberty. Because there are many intact penises featured in all their nakedness, I violated Facebook’s community standards once again.

Part of what has limited my blogging is whiling away hours on Facebook. It’s been so easy because of my phone. However, technology has advanced quite a bit since I started blogging and it’s got to be much easier to post from your phone where-ever you go. So this ban will help me direct my energy where it most benefits me- creating content that I control and if I’m smart enough, I can make money from. Here, my own judgement rules. I know the difference between arbitrary and educational nudity. And I don’t over-police educational nudity in favor of objectifying female nudity to the point where people are so desensitized by it that they don’t even bother reporting it. Except when it involves nursing a baby. They’re still all over that. Dorks.

I’ll miss hanging with my “friends” but I won’t miss clicking and sharing so that targeted ads can be peppered through everything.