Hot Hodge Podge

Day 6:

It’s too hot to write anything coherent. My air conditioner is broken. It’s hampering my productivity significantly. Having a gym membership has saved my workouts this week. My husband bought fans today so tomorrow should be better. It’s bathroom cleaning day tomorrow and I’m going to have the fan pointed directly at me.

A friend of mine wrote an interesting blog entry (I never promised myself a rose garden) about parenting. It is sort of the opposite sentiment of the one I wrote earlier this week. It’s really well written and a nice dose of reality for the childless.

Speaking of parenting I’ve realized that I have some unresolved Daddy issues. I’m glad to be able to pinpoint the origination of some of my thought patterns. I literally laughed out loud when I realized it. I’ll write more about it in the future.

Tonight we watched Star Trek VIII: First Contact.

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