Day 2 (of the 30 days of blogging challenge):

I watched the movie Parenthood starring Steve Martin as a child. I laughed and laughed at the diarrhea song. I thought it was so cute when Gil’s son Justin rushed the stage in defense of his sister in the school play. Aside from that, however, I didn’t really grasp the larger issues at play.

I watched it again tonight for the first time since becoming a mother and it was quite interesting to discover that I am a lot like Gil. I have a hard time enjoying the roller coaster ride of parenting. When I set out to have kids, I thought I was buying a ticket for the merry-go-round. Now that I have them, I wonder, is there anyone out there whose parenting journey is NOT a roller coaster??? A lot of the time I just have to remember that with the roller coaster, “you get more out of it”. And the fact is that I actually do like the roller coaster so I’ll have to remember that too.

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