122.46 miles run so far

I have run 122.46 miles since January 30, 2009. I feel very accomplished. I’ve added free weights and Pilates to my workout schedule. Right now I’m using 2.5 pound weights. Basically I’m following these workouts from exercise tv Monday – Friday:

  • Dynamic Sculpt and Stretch (upper body)- 11:00 minutes
  • 20 Minute Upper Body- 20:00 minutes
  • Bootylicious Buns (lower body)- 10:00 minutes
  • 20 Minute Lower Body- 20:00 minutes
  • Bikini Body Workout (cardio)- 20:00 minutes
  • I’ve been consistent with the Pilates and free weights for about three weeks. My stomach is flatter and I see some definition in my arms.

    I’m now able to run 20 minutes at 5.0 mph. I’ve already started training for 6.0 mph, the longest time at that speed is three minutes.

    I have a new goal to lose 30 pounds by December 21, 2009. According to Fitday.com I need to eat no more than 1873 calories every day. It’s easy to exceed that amount if I’m not conscious but if I keep track it’s easy to come in way under that amount and still feel satisfied.

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