Fitness Update

So not only did I take a break from blogging last year, I also took a break from the gym. These were the stats at the height of my gym days:

Treadmill Times
3.5 mph: 10:00
6.0 mph: 15:00
5.5 mph: 05:00
3.0 mph: 10:00

average speed: 4.6 mph
13:02 minutes per mile
3.10 miles
328 calories
laps 12.4

Today’s Numbers
Treadmill Times
3.5 mph: 10:00
4.5 mph: 15:00
3.5 mph: 05:00
4.5 mph: 05:00
3.0 mph: 10:00

average speed: 3.9 mph
13:38 minutes per mile
2.91 miles
273 calories
laps: 11.6
average min./mile: 15.23
average heart rate: 148

I could get back up to 6.0 in one and a half months if I really want to. And I really want to. I felt wonderful running today. I must remember that feeling when the sun isn’t out and it’s time to get up in the morning. My goal is to be able to run three miles at 6.0mph. That would make it a 10:00 minute mile. Then I could have time to do other exercise for the next half hour or if there’s no time for more than that, at least I would’ve run my three miles. It looks like my gym days are going to be back to back- Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Life has been extremely busy since I last wrote.
The Changing Face of Time