Fitness Wrap Up 2009

I’ve had a busy year so far. I’m plugging away at my goals and increasing my self-discipline. And I’m finally making the time to get back to blogging on a regular basis.

So like I’ve said before, I’ve been tracking my exercise on excel and my stats for 2009 are:

Treadmill Miles: 304.3
Pounds Lost: 11
Max Speed: 6.0 mph for 12 minutes
Weight at the end of the year: 165

There was some weight fluctuation. I actually got down to 159 pounds but then the Holidays came and I gained 6 pounds back. That was caused by a combination of traveling for the holidays and thereby not making enough time for exercise as well as holiday splurging. My goal weight is 145 and my aim is to get there by May 21, 2010.

I’ve set some other fitness goals as well. I plan on doubling last year’s treadmill miles. I can manage 13 miles per week (schedule permitting) so I’m sure that I will make that. I’ve already logged 88.15 miles this year. Because my goal weight deadline is so close, I’ve put my goal of running at 6.0 mph for 20 minutes straight on hold. Right now I’m only running that routine once a week to maintain that level of endurance with my other treadmill time devoted to workouts that emphasize calorie burning (interval).

Last year’s weight training goals didn’t happen. But I’m doing what I can to make it to a Body Pump class at my gym every Tuesday night. I’m also taking a Zumba class every Saturday morning. The plan starting next week is to add 1 more upper body and lower body workout to the week and do Pilates and Cardio 5 times per week. It’s a pretty heavy schedule which means that I have to watch my eating to make sure that I have enough energy to pull it off without going crazy on the calorie intake. That’s why I’ve started tracking my food and exercise on sparkpeople. As of today, my weight is 158, only 13 pounds to go.

In order to avoid the Holiday poundage this year I’m going to start the 100 pushups and 200 squats programs in October when it starts getting more difficult to get to the gym.

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