I’ll have to adjust my challenge again.

My pressing the snooze button totally messed up this challenge. I’ve been getting up late and not going to the gym for about two weeks. There were quite a few times when I didn’t even realize I had turned the alarm off. So I’ll have to start a new challenge. It begins tomorrow. It will be to set the alarm and NOT press the snooze. I won’t worry about getting up at the same time every day. I need to break the snooze button habit first. Tomorrow I’ll set my alarm for 8:30 am and NOT PRESS SNOOZE. This challenge ends on March 30th.

I went to the gym today and I added an extra minute to the running portion of my workout. I felt energized throughout most of it. The image of my sexy summer legs kept me going as well.

Today’s Numbers
average speed: 3.8 mph
2.69 miles
322 calories
heart rate: 175
43 minutes total

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