Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

I went to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in 2008 when it was still located in New York City. It was a wonderful experience. Watching this documentary explaining Alex Grey’s various paintings stirred up all of the feelings I had when I visited.

Grey summed up his intentions with these paintings at the end of the video.

Now we have never reached this stage of evolution before, so we can anticipate problems, but there is always this possibility that humanity can mature and become responsible for the way that we treat each other and the way that we treat the planet. So that’s our hope, is that there is an awakening of conscience[ness] that these works can serve.

In closing the video, Grey puts into words the oneness with the universe that I experienced when I saw his paintings.

A voice came to me, it said, “You can never be lost. When have you ever been apart from me? You can never depart and never return for we are continuous- indistinguishable.”

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