The Changing Face of Time

The Changing Face of Time is a talk by Dannion Brinkley, who apparently was struck by lighting TWICE and had three near death experiences, about the spiritual nature of humanity. In this hour and 28 minute video Dannion explains how our eternal and expansive spiritual nature makes us perfect for the coming Earth changes. I found one quote of his particularly compelling.

Physical reality can never be more than 5% of existence.

This statement is based upon the fact that atoms are 94.6% empty space and everything in existence is made up of atoms.

Dannion also stresses the importance of access to pure drinking water for spiritual (not to mention physical) health likening the human being to a “water filtration system” because so much of the human body is made up of water.

This is quite an uplifting video if you’re so inclined. After watching it I poured myself TWO glasses of water.

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