New Moon in Virgo

On September 18th, 2009 at 2:44pm EDT, the new moon will enter Virgo. At that time you can harness the moon’s energies to plant the seeds you’ll need in order to get what you want. One tool for doing this is to make new moon wishes.

Remember it is best to make your wishes within 8 hours of the moon entering Virgo. Avoid the void period, which is between 8:06pm and 9:26pm EDT. See my book review of New Moon Astrology if you aren’t familiar with new moon wishes and or the effects of the void period on the moon.

Virgo rules work, physical health, worry, self-improvement, and critical thinking, as well as service, clothing, food, employees, servants and domestic animals. Because of its ruling planet Mercury, Virgo also has influence over the nervous system- more closely associated with the mind’s connection with it, not necessarily the physical components of it.

Wishes related to physical health, work, organization, efficiency, helpfulness, clear-thinking, overcoming perfectionism, and the other aspects of life that Virgo rules will be most potent given the energies that the new moon is aligning with by being in Virgo. You might find it useful to make wishes regarding the parts of the body that Virgo rules- the bowels and abdomen.

A good sample wish for Virgo could be, “I am so happy and grateful that my (part of the body ruled by Virgo) has been restored to perfect health.” You could even make wishes on behalf of your Virgo child. Keep in mind that wishes are still about you and you can’t really wish on behalf of someone else if it impedes their free will (they simply don’t work). However, you may find usefulness in making wishes about what you can do or say to help them on their path such as encouraging healthy Virgo habits and behaviors. For instance, I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from wishing, ”I find myself saying the right words to my child that result in him happily doing his schoolwork.”

In her book New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller’s take on wishing on behalf of children is encouraging,

In many ways the mind of a child is like the hard drive on a computer- it is open to the software the environment places into it. In this way the thoughts, encouragement, and conditioning that parents feed into the mind of their child greatly influence present and future behavior. Wishing will not change a child’s actions, but wishes can shift our behavior in a way that influences the child to change their behavior.

New Moon Astrology’s section on Virgo includes a lot of good sample wishes that explore Virgo’s influences in depth. For instance, Spiller states that one of the characteristics Virgo rules is “excessive perfectionism” and under that topic she includes worry, criticism, blame and judgment, and workaholic tendencies. Each of these topics has sample wishes to address them.

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