More Momentum

I’ve been going to the gym since November 2005. I’ve since lost approximately 20 pounds. I went from living a very sedentary life to someone who enjoys going to the gym so much that I feel disapointed if I can’t go at least 3 times per week. I still have more weight to lose. I’ve been running on the treadmill. My goal with the treadmill, before I move on to the other machines and more strength training, is to run 20 minutes straight at 6.0 miles per hour. My original plan was to do this in small increments with each week adding on .2 mph. Last week my fastest speed was 4.2 mph and I ran 16 minutes.

I tried something new today. A friend inspired me to just try to run as long as I can at 5.0 mph and see how long I can go. Once I’m tired, I can slow down to 4.2. This was a great idea. I ran 10 minutes at 5.0 mph and then ran 10 minutes at 4.2. I really pushed myself and I feel really proud of myself so I’m going to make a permanent change in my routine. From now on I’ll warm up/walk at 3.5 with ankle weights for 10 minutes, run 10+ minutes at 5.0 mph and then move down to 4.2 when I’m tired.

Today’s Numbers:

30 Ab rolls (forward facing)
10 Ab rolls (left facing)
10 Ab rolls (right facing)

Treadmill Times
3.5 mph: 10:00
5.0 mph: 10:00
4.2 mph: 10:00
3.0 mph: 10:00

2.63 miles
249 calories

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Stop Complaining!

I’ve started a 30 day challenge. For 30 days I will not complain out loud. What is a complaint? For the purposes of this excercise a complaint is commenting on the current situation with emotion, in a way that makes it seem undesireable. For instance, “Oh God! I hate washing dishes,” is a complaint.

What do you do instead? I’m a very vocal person. Being vocal is a stress reliever so I figure that I should continue to be vocal but instead of complaining, I will state the situation and say what’s good about it. For example, “I’m doing the dishes. Good thing I have a dishwasher so I won’t have to wash them all by hand.” If I do catch myself complaining out loud, I will drink a glass of water. The reasoning behind that is that even though I did something that wasn’t beneficial (complain), by drinking the water I’m doing something good for me. So basically the water is an act that serves as a way of getting back on track towards my goal of improving myself.

I started yesterday and it went pretty well. I don’t think I complained out loud more than twice- although there were a few moments of internal dialogue. When I caught myself doing the internal complaining, I would drink some water (not a whole glass though).

I’m excited. In the past I did a 30 day challenge to wake up at 5:00am on weekdays and 7:00am on weekends. This act changed my life. Once I started getting up that early, I started going to the gym in the mornings and found that excercise in the morning makes me feel a lot more positive and energized during the day. Getting up early is now a part of my life. Those who know me know this is HUGE. People would never call me before 10:00am in the past because they knew I’d be sleeping. Now imagine if I get into the habit of not complaining. What wonderful things could start to happen? I know that one benefit would be that at least my kids won’t hear my dialogue about how much I dislike the daily tasks of my life. Another of course is that I’ll be saying something positive instead of complaining. It will be an excercise in Creative Observation, which will only enable me to consciously create my reality more effectively.

© copyright 2006, Stop Complaining

Getting Organized

…and staying that way.

I’m pretty good at organizing things but I’m still figuring out how to organize my time. I procrastinate on the things I dislike a lot. I tend to dislike home-management stuff so you can see where this is going. It’s not that I dislike home-management stuff, I just dislike the conditions under which I end up having to do it all the time. I like to do that type of stuff during the day. But I homeschool during the day. And starting in September, I’ll be leaving my house to take Wild Child 2 to his therapy appointments. So it looks like my evenings are going to be spent on housework for a couple of years. And that’s hard to accept so I haven’t really put any “plan” into effect. Essentially because a plan in which I DON’T spend quiet evenings at home blogging, knitting or watching movies while my children are asleep is not appealing.

So there you have it. This weekend is big. I’ll be putting away piles of stuff that have been accumulating becuase there are certain things I can’t put away when I’m the only adult in the house. (Does anyone care to explain why children LOOOOOOOOVE to throw clean, folded laundry on the floor as soon as you turn your back??? Or why when you’ve got a file cabinet open they’re grabbing papers and files out of it and throwing it around like it’s the junk mail you let them mess around with???)

I’ll be preparing the next two weeks’ homeschooling lessons and making them portable. Since we’ll have to have at least one subject taught while we wait for Wild Child 2’s therapy to finish.

I’ll be cleaning up the basement too.

And I’ll probably do little to no knitting.

All right. Start blogging.

So I’ve been putting off actually starting this. Everything has been good to go for over two months now but I’d been afraid to start. I forget why now.

Maybe it’s because I keep getting interrupted. I think a coherent thought and then blam. Someone needs something or is doing something that I need to take care of. But I’m manisfesting clarity starting right now. Everytime I sit in front of the computer to blog here, I will think coherent, conscious thoughts that I will retain despite life’s interruptions.

That’s all there’s time for, at this point.