Personal Empowerment Services

I have been a student of the occult arts and energy work since childhood. Creating and understanding our spiritual selves is one of my passions. I offer a selection Personal Empowerment Services with the goal of helping you to create the life that you want.

Tarot or Oracle Card Readings (via phone or Skype)

I have over 23 years of experience giving tarot readings. A tarot reading is like taking your temperature. This means that I treat a tarot/oracle card reading as a diagnostic tool for one’s energy. A tarot reading will help you understand the past and what your energy is currently creating for the near future. Information obtained from these readings is most useful for when you have no idea what you want and or what is going on with a given situation. It is also useful to inspire change within yourself that will align your energy towards the desires of your heart.

While one can predict a POSSIBLE future with any form of divination, all creation is done in this moment of now. If you get information in your reading that you don’t like, this is good news because now you know how to adjust your focus to manifest the desires of your heart. Tarot tells you the story of your past and the story you’re writing in this moment of now. General guidance and “What’s in store for the New Year” readings are also possible with Tarot or Oracle card readings.

Energy Readings (via phone or Skype)

Using a pendulum as a divination tool as well as oracle cards, astrology, spiritual dictionaries and other resources, I will help you to determine if you really are on the path that will bring your empowerment into focus. This reading is most useful when you know what you want and are finding the circumstances you are in frustrating. You may be asking, “Why can’t I get this done?”. This is also useful for understanding the energy that is supporting or sabotaging your health, money, career, and or relationships. Deal with and or expand the subconscious thoughts that are creating your life’s experiences. I have been actively training these skills since 2012 with the work of Dee Wallace. With this kind of reading the questions you ask will determine the scope of your answers.

Mediumship Readings (via phone or Skype)

I have been cultivating the skill of connecting with deceased loved ones since 2012. There are times during Tarot or Energy readings when a client’s loved ones come forward and I will pass on those messages. However, this kind of reading is for when you know you need to connect with a particular spirit(s) that was a part of your life and the session will be focused towards that end.

Dream Interpretation (via e-mail only)

I have been interpreting dreams for others for over a decade. Although we all have the power to interpret the messages from our subconscious mind, you may not know how to go about that or may be unable to understand the symbols in your dreams objectively. This service is a great tool for when you have a dream and say, “What the heck was that about???” You will receive your interpretation via e-mail within 3 days (approximately 200 – 350 words).


Rates are based on the length of the session. Please send an e-mail to book your appointment. Because of the age of my children and the fact that we home school, appointments are only available for evenings and weekends.

  • 30 minutes – $55.00 USD
  • 60 minutes – $77.00 USD
  • Dream Interpretation – $22.00 USD (Write your dream in an e-mail, and send your Paypal payment using the contact form.)